law firm was born from the shared conviction of its founders, Alec REYMOND and Alexandra LOPEZ, that today more than ever, in an era characterized by a proliferation of huge corporate law firms, there is significant demand for boutique law firms capable of providing flexible, individually-tailored services, on a strictly confidential and independent basis.

As a traditional, general practice law firm, @lex avocats perceives the role of its attorneys as typical of the profession, focused on the provision of legal representation and advice. As a matter of principle, the firm does not involve itself in financial intermediation or business administration. Its small size ensures that the firm is largely immune to conflicts of interest, as conflicts can be identified swiftly if ever they arise.

Thanks to the combined experience of its partners, @lex avocats can count on a national and international network of specialized correspondents, with knowledge spanning virtually all areas of law. This provides the firm with guaranteed credibility in court and with administrative authorities.

- About Alec Reymond -

After an instructive traineeship and several years as a junior attorney at the firm Roland NIKLAUS, Alec REYMOND has been an independent attorney since 1983. He was also a founding partner of KEPPELER & PARTNERS, where he remained a practicing attorney until 2016.

Born in 1956, Alec REYMOND studied for a year at the University of Berkeley, California, then graduated with a law degree and passed the bar exam in Geneva in 1981. Over the years, Alec REYMOND has developed recognized expertise in general criminal law, economic criminal law, asset tracing, and international legal assistance in criminal and administrative matters.

He acts regularly as an attorney in complex national and international proceedings pertaining to fraud, corruption, and money laundering schemes. As an experienced general-practice and litigation lawyer, he also advises and represents clients in a range of other matters. His working languages are French, English, and German.

As a dedicated specialist in the law of the legal profession, Alec REYMOND was President of the Young Lawyers’ Bar Association from 1990 to 1992 and President of the Geneva Bar Association from 2002 to 2004. He is currently Vice-President of the Lawyers’ Supervisory Board of the Canton of Geneva.

Alec REYMOND is a member of the Geneva and Swiss Bar Associations, as well as the Swiss Criminal Law Society.