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- About Jason McCue -

Jason McCue is the Senior and a Founding Partner of McCue & Partners. He is an internationally recognised expert on human rights, victims’ rights, domestic and cross-border litigation, transitional justice (peace and reconciliation), conflict-resolution and negotiation.

Jason is a leading international figure in crisis management and resolution.  He is regularly called upon by heads of state, governments, opposition groups, corporations and public figures to provide advice on a broad array of issues, from commercial and private concerns to transitional justice schemes and humanitarian matters.

He is recognised as a leading U.K. expert on litigation, human rights and reputation management (defamation (libel and slander), privacy and confidentiality).

Jason was awarded the U.K. Law Society’s Solicitor of the Year 2009-2010 for, amongst other things, his work on human rights issues in Africa.  In 2011 he was honoured with a doctorate in law.  For further information see his biography in Who’s Who.

Jason has a long established working relationship with the political and government infrastructure  within the UK and various other world leaders and institutions.

He is very active on global humanitarian, justice, civil society and development issues.  Examples are: He was the architect of Mandate Darfur which was developed with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation (see and has worked closely with UNAMID in the region on an array of matters.  He is engaged in transitional justice and post conflict issues in Libya.  He is a founder of the Great Foundation along with his wife and others that is dedicated to fostering gender equality globally.

He currently holds a number of positions within charities and NGOs that include:

  • Ambassador for Femmes Africa Solidarité:
  • Director of the GREAT Foundation:
  • Chief Advisor to Crisis Action:
  • Consultant to Beyond Borders:
He currently holds a number of commercial positions that include:
  • Director of MODA Group: including

He is a regular commentator for newspapers, radio and TV.